Selasa, 14 Juni 2011


Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi province was not only famous for its culture and customs. Another attraction that is the home of the buffalo's most expensive in the world. It is said tedong bonga or striped with various shades of buffalo can only live in this area.

Buffalo hard to separate from the life of Toraja people. Because buffalo are the main animals in the funeral ceremony. Striped albino buffalo or buffalo type bubalus bubalis mud, often found in Tana Toraja. These animals are beautiful and the price could reach USD 300 million. Prices are determined range and smoothness of skin complexion.

So no wonder tedong bonga often called buffalo king. Nursing tedong bonga manifold saleko or striped entire body is indeed like a king. Three times a week, two buffalo named artist is accompanied by soaking for three hours. The entire body is also given a shampoo for hair does not fall out.

Grass provided should be fresh. The buffalo was quite wait at home because all nurses will be served buffalo. The nurses get a wage of Rp 600 thousand per month. No wonder the nine-year-old bull weighed 700 pounds.

Cage also smoked buffalo grass wet. It aims to keep the buffalo from mosquito bites.

Well in a funeral ceremony or signs solo, buffalo is considered as the vehicle to the afterlife. Symbols are described in Teresa's grandmother's funeral Tangdo Pole, from Deri, who died in 2008.

Because of high social position in society of Tana Toraja, the family issued a USD 4 billion for the cost of the ceremony. Most of that was spent to buy water buffalo slaughtered for four days.

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